Optimizing mySQL: Temp Tables on Disk

I wrote this back in June when I was knee deep in attempting to optimize a Drupal 5 website that was receiving a lot of traffic and showing very poor performance. This article is incomplete and I don't really come up with any solid solutions here, but thought this may be of some help nonetheless.

Performance of any site is a concern when you start getting actual traffic. Drupal performance can be even trickier, as it often likes to hog up server resources especially when you have a lot of modules enabled.

How To: Creating a Simple Plugin for TinyMCE

I needed a simple plugin for TinyMCE, but it seemed impossible to find any kind of real examples. All that I needed was a custom button, and when that button was clicked, an image to be inserted into the text. No popups, nothing fancy at all. I'm using TinyMCE version 2.0.9 for this, and in the end I integrate it into Drupal 4.7's TinyMCE module. This should work without the Drupal integration, though.

Here's an example of creating such a plugin. We'll just call it icon, to be generic. 

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