About Brenda Boggs

Drupal architect and consultant with a varied skill set in back end development, front end responsive / mobile theming, trouble shooting and diagnostic skills, and creatively coming up with solutions to complex problems. Additional experience in development workflows, best practices, systems administration, mobile, UI, and leading small development teams.

  • 10+ years experience developing in a LAMP environment, Linux server administration, configuration and maintenance of server architecture.
  • 7+ years experience professionally developing Drupal /PHP based websites.
  • Development experience involves thorough knowledge of development best practices, site architecture, planning and implementation of a applications from begin to end.
  • Performance tuning including mySQL and Apache configuration and optimization, stress testing, mySQL query analysis, caching, Pressflow.
  • Experienced with collaborative development workflows; revision control (SVN/Git), development to staging to production deployment strategies.
  • Integration with application APIs; Facebook, Google Maps, bit.ly.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic skills, figuring problems out, and coming up with creative solutions to them.
  • Mentor and leadership skills working with junior and mid-level developers.
  • I speak PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), mySQL, bash, JSON, XML, etc. Prior experience in C, Perl.
  • Interest in mobile, responsive design, and generally building solid web applications with an interest in new technology.


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