Image Uploads Using WYSIWYG and Media in Drupal 7


Modules you'll need:

Install the WYSIWYG as instructed with CKEditor support. Enable the Media module and the dependency on File Styles. Under Configuration > Content authoring > WYSIWYG, Edit the text format of your choice. Under the Buttons and Plugins fieldset, make sure you select the Media browser checkbox. Hit Save.

Under Configure > Content authoring > Text formats, and click configure under the text format of your choice. Select the Converts Media tags to Markup checkbox.

Now, under Limit allowed HTML tags fieldset, add the img tag.

When creating a post, you'll now have an Add Media button. Select the file you want to upload and click Submit.



because I've been solving the same problem and I've found this page amongst first ones so I adding a solution which I used (although it's not complete solution).
An image style can be defined in: admin/config/media/image-styles/
You can define there some image manipulations on the style.
After having an image style you'll go to: admin/config/media/file-types/manage/image/file-display/
There you can redefine existing file displays to use your image style.

Thank you for this article,

Thank you for this article, it's just what I need... unfortunately when I finished to apply all the configuration, the "add media" button of the editor (FCKEditor) is displayed ... but is disabled :( Any idea why ?

Thank you !

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